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About World Utilities Congress


The increasing demand for energy services is paving the way for a new energy ecosystem. The power and utilities industry, particularly in the MENA region, will witness unprecedented multi-billion dollar investment opportunities over the next decade. In order to remain competitive within the energy landscape, 67% of business leaders believe that efficiency is key. An organizations ability to adopt and adapt towards new technologies is fundamental to its success.

The World Utilities Congress, hosted by TAQA, provides an unrivalled platform to explore the latest products, innovations and technological advancements across the global power and utilities landscape. It will bring together water and power leaders to provide insights on building resilient low carbon business models with agile automated digital operations.

Our focus is to ensure utility leaders are better prepared to equip their businesses for disruptionas-usual and encourage integrated transformation within the sector, leading to smarter more responsive utility platforms.

Connecting the Global Energy Community

As digitalisation becomes a global trend, Utilities are required to stay relevant in a world where energy needs, water use and consumers’ expectations are rapidly changing. This has resulted in a shift towards the importance utility companies place on digitalisation and sustainability goals.

Integrating digital transformation within an organisations core business model is a key driver in shaping the future of the industry and highlighting a clear direction for success.

World Utilities Congress will focus on empowering organisations to adopt digital transformation and embrace Energy 4.0. it will highlight how quickly and successfully utilities can bring to market the solutions, products and services customers want and need.

Across the value chain, digital operating models are progressing new business practices as organisations seek to maximise efficiency and boost revenue.

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Core Sectors

  • Power

    Our Power Sector profiles how power stations and renewable energy developers are working together to integrate new energy, lower carbon emissions and improve the operational performance of their plants.

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  • Distribution

    We focus on the build out of resilient distribution grids to manage and integrate large scale distributed renewable energy and water resources using smart grid technology and smart meters.

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  • Water

    The Water Sector focuses on the nexus point between water and energy consumption including developing energy efficient desalination technologies and adopting more efficient and cleaner operating systems.

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  • Utilities

    Our Utility Sector looks at the enterprise operations and business models arising from adopting digital tools including real time data analytics, digital customer engagement and mass electrification services.

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