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As demand for fresh water grows in the Middle East, the region will become more reliant on improved water management and desalination as a partial solution to water scarcity.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s investment in the water desalination market has increased significantly as governments are moving away from the reliance on traditional water resources. 

The MENA region alone accounts for 48% of global desalination projects, with further investments expected to spur the market to $4.3bn by 2022. However, the future of desalination will depend on combining established and emerging technologies. As water and energy resources are strongly interrelated, having combined resources will assist the development of energy efficient desalination technologies.  

The Topics covered at the World Utilities Congress conferences include:
Energy-Water Nexus in Power Generation, RE in Desalination, Water Treatment, Membrane Technologies, Pipelines & Pipeline Coating Systems, Water Treatment Chemicals, Well Drilling Equipment and Accessories, Leak Detection, Automation & Control.

Our speakers and delegates will include executives involved in:

  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Power Plant Water Treatment
  • Process Water Management
  • Desalination Engineering Operations
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Efficiency Management
  • Managing Water Demand