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The Strategic Conference programme will reflect the issues CEOs and their leadership teams need to consider as they modernise utilities to better manage disruptive change and embed a future ready digital transformation strategy across their businesses to better respond quickly to evolving market and customer needs. The Conferences will be an important enabler of engagement between policy makers, business leaders, disruptors and innovators, driving the conversations around the complexities of the evolving utilities landscape.


The CEO Stream is for strategic power and water global leaders who seek to implement successful business models and create a sustainable business future. It is designed for C-Suite executives and other key stakeholders who have decision making power to determine the future of the utilities model.

Themes Include

  • Deregulation of MENA’s Utility Sector
  • Private Sector Investment in MENA
  • Decoupling of Power and Water
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Integrated Business Positioning
  • Energy Transition Risk Management
  • Fuel Mix for the Energy Transition
  • China’s Belt and Road Initiatives
  • Building Innovation Facilities
  • Financing the Energy Transition
  • New Value Creation Strategies
  • Capital Investment Planning
  • System Modernisation Programmes
  • Controlling Operating Costs
  • Electrification of Everything
  • Digital Customer Engagement
  • Urban Energy Development


These streams allow technical experts to share key developments and advancements within the power and water utility space. These include insight into the latest research findings, industry trends, challenges, new project developments and industry best practices.


The EPC & PPP Stream provides insights into successfully implementing large utility projects within power and water. It is designed for international and local EPCs, utilities and their partners to better understand the requirements within complex project development.


The digital utility stream is intended to take a deeper look into the energy transition and demand-side efficiency for power and water. Digital technology offers utilities new revenue models, as well as opportunities for process improvement and customer engagement across the utility value chain.

Themes Include

  • New MENA Investment Opportunities
  • Cross-Border Regulatory Harmonisation
  • EPC vs PPP Structures
  • Power and Desalination Plants
  • Allocating Project Risks Strategically
  • Managing Cost & Time Overruns
  • New Foundations for Peak Performance
  • EPC Digital Project Management
  • Impact of Local Content Procurement Rules
  • T&D Grid Development Projects
  • Water Storage Reservoirs Projects
  • Flexible Provision from Grid-Connected Storage
  • Virtual Power Plants for Energy Flexibility
  • Multi-Tiered Energy Management Solutions
  • MENA Smart Grid Investment Opportunities
  • Electricity Markets and the Future Grid
  • Improving Intelligence of the Distribution Grid
  • Digital Substation Design and Architecture
  • Analytics Capability of Remote Monitoring
  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Data-Driven Approach in Electric Operations
  • Using AMI Data to Digitally Engage Customers