Farah Chahma


تحت رعاية سمو الشيخ خالد بن محمد بن زايد آل نهيان

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Farah Chahma


Nuvia, United Arab Emirates

Ms. Chahma is a French national, graduated from UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne) in 2004 as a Chemical Process Engineer. Immediately after graduating, she was hired by AREVA NP, the French leader in the design of New Build Nuclear Power Plants to spend the next 12 years in AREVA NP climbing the ladder and gaining tremendous experience in PWR Nuclear technology along the way in Design, Safety, Operations, and Outage.

In 2008, at the age of 28, she became one of very few female Managers in Nuclear in France managing the Chemistry, the Radiation Protection and the Corrosion Department of New builds Nuclear Power Plants mainly EPR projects such as OL3, Flamanville, Taishan, and many others. Ms. Chahma was also the French chemistry Leader in the AREVA International Organization (R&D Projects – Support to Operations – Support to Design Team).

In 2014, she joined the Maintenance Department of AREVA NP to manage the organization in charge of Decontamination, Chemical Cleaning, Waste Management Operations in all PWRs of FRAMATOME Design (In France, South Africa and China).

In 2016, she joined the APAVE Group to manage the Inspection Department (NDE) in the Nuclear field but also in other industries such as Oil & Gas.

In 2018, she joined Veolia Nuclear Solution to manage on the Radioactive Waste Treatment Facilities (Solid & Liquid Waste) in CENTRACO (Cyclife Unit).

In 2020, Ms. Chahma joined NUVIA to manage Cruas NPP project. This project is one of main contracts for which NUVIA manages all the facilities of EDF in terms of Logistics, Radiation Protection, Waste Management, Maintenance and Laundry where Ms. Chama gained a vast experience in global management of NPP especially where the General Contractor had to work very closely with the operator of the Nuclear Power Plant.

In September 2021, Ms. Chahma relocated to UAE to take over the position of Operations Director for Nuvia in the Middle East to later on in April 2022 she was promoted to the CEO position to drive the company towards more growth in UAE and the rest of the region.