Khadija Hasan Bin Braik
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Khadija Hasan Bin Braik

Technical Regulation Director

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

A water professional with wide experience working in Abu Dhabi Energy Sector. In her current role in the Department of Energy she is responsible for setting and implementing the technical aspects of the regulatory framework across Abu Dhabi’s water, electricity and district cooling sectors. This includes overseeing key activities such as the establishment of technical regulations and keeping them up to date, setting performance standards and monitoring performance, reviewing of network investment plans and ensuring licensees compliance with the laws and regulations. 

Khadija previously worked with Abu Dhabi's Regulation and Supervision Bureau and occupied a number of positions within the Bureau gaining a wide experience in the regulation of the energy sector. She was responsible for the Bureau’s Waterwise office which focused on building knowledge base on water efficiency and developing regulatory instruments to facilitate the progress of Demand Side Management in the sector. She managed a range of projects and pilot schemes focused on water efficiency, water end use analysis, smart metering, water use surveying and analysis.  

She holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University  and MSc in Environmental Engineering from Southern Methodist University.