Rabih bou Rached
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Rabih bou Rached

Founder and CEO

FEDS Drone-powered Solutions

Rabih Bou Rached is a visionary entrepreneur and leader with a passion for turning ideas into reality through strategic planning and execution. As the Founder and CEO of FEDS Drone-powered Solutions, Rabih has established his company as a global leader in the Commercial Drone space, serving over 35 countries worldwide. With over 8 years of experience in the field, Rabih is highly knowledgeable on drone rules and regulations and is actively involved in the community for their improvement.

Rabih is a true leader who inspires his team to strive for excellence through his own example and a belief in their potential. He is known for his ability to balance grand design with financial considerations, making sound decisions that drive success. Rabih is also a passionate educator who shares his expertise with the next generation of industry professionals through his work with Gisworx, The Big 5, JUIDA(Japan UAS Industrial Development Association), YPS(Young Professionals in Space) and many other platforms.

As a firm believer in the power of drones to transform daily life, Rabih envisions a future where they are as indispensable as phones are today.