Khalid Oumejjoud
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Khalid Oumejjoud

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Khalid Oumejjoud

Managing Director

PSM Thomassen Gulf

Khalid Oumejjoud is Managing Director for PSM Thomassen Gulf (a Hanwha Company) a leading aftermarket service provider for multi-platform OEM gas turbine power plants worldwide. PSM, in partnership with Thomassen Energy, delivers innovative, clean energy solutions to power plants worldwide as part of the Hanwha group.

Khalid has over 20 years of technical and managerial experience in the power industry. He was leading and involved in the development of multiple innovations in the aero gas turbine for business aviation and in the industrial gas turbine business from the B to H class, including high hydrogen premix combustion. He holds multiple patents and a few more are pending in the gas turbine combustion, operation, tuning and digitalization.

He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada in Mechanical Engineering. He has been involved with the ASME Power Committee, the Electric Power Advisory Board committee, and the Turbo Expo Combustion Fuels and Emission, Heat Transfer, and Coal - Biomass & Alternative Fuels committees.