Ross Kelly

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Ross Kelly

Technical Manager, Transmission and Distribution

ESB International

Ross is a Chartered Electrical Engineer currently working as the Technical Manager, Transmission and Distribution, ESB International.

Ross graduated with a Master’s in Power Distribution from the University of Newcastle in 2019. He completed his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Technical University Dublin in 2008 and holds further qualifications such as a diploma in Financial Accounting, Dublin Business School 2021 and a certificate in Health and Safety welfare, University College Dublin 2016.

Ross joined the Substation Design Group in the high voltage department of ESB International as graduate Electrical Engineer in 2008. After 5 years designing, project managing and building high voltage Substations he was promoted to the role of Commissioning Engineer in the Asset Management Department. Within this department he held the positions as Commissioning Team Lead, Commissioning Manger of large infrastructure projects and later the role as Protection Specialist. He currently holds the position as the Technical Manager in ESB International where he leads a team of technical experts to support T&D projects around the world.

Ross is an active member of Cigre and is participating on the development of two technical brochures in B5 working groups. As a technical expert in the area of protection, Ross has written and delivered numerous technical papers at numerous forums globally.