Technical Conference Programme


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Technical Conference Programme

The Technical Conference offers utilities industry professionals unprecedented access to the latest industry knowledge and research findings, technical expertise, new project developments, state of the art technologies and industry best practices.

The conference programme is created through the call for papers that is open for abstract submissions to all companies operating within the power and water sectors. All submitted abstracts will go through an unbiased two-stage review and evaluation process by the Technical Committee, comprising of the power and water industry experts. Successful authors will be invited to speak at the conference.

The conference will cover the entire value chain including power generation, transmission and distribution, water management, water sewage and customer engagement.


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  • Monday 09 May 2022 Day - 1
  • Tuesday 10 May 2022 Day - 2
  • Wednesday 11 May 2022 Day - 3
11:30 - 13:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 1b.png

Session 1 : Latest developments and innovations within the nuclear industry


Ahmed Al Neaimi,  Research and Development Manager,  Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Jamal Al Ahbabi,  Radioactive Waste Management Director ,  Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Innovation at EDF in nuclear R&D for the existing and future NPPs

Didier Banner -EDF.jpg

Didier Banner

R&D Programme Manager

EDF, France

Education, training and research at Khalifa University in support of the UAE nuclear power programme


Yacine Addad

Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering

Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

Biofouling control strategy at seawater intakes for nuclear power plants cooling systems

Abdulla Al Ali.jpg

Abdulla Al Ali

Research and Development Engineer

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), United Arab Emirates

The Euratom project MICADO and its innovative characterisation process of the nuclear waste packages

Massimo Morici.jpg

Massimo Morichi

Vice President

CAEN, Italy

11:30 - 13:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 2.png

Session 2 : Innovations in emerging power generation technologies


Khalid Oumejjoud,  Managing Director,  PSM Thomassen Gulf

Amine El Kinani,  Sales Director MENA,  Thomassen Energy

Reliable and affordable tidal power by underwater sails

Prajwal KR.png

Prajwal Kadlaplamutt Ravindra Kumar

Business Development Manager

Tidal Sails AS, Norway

Innovative hybrid combined cycle - dispatchable power generation integrated with long duration energy storage

Floating PV: challenges and opportunities

Ahmed Krarti.jpg

Ahmed Krarti

Project Manager

EDF Renewables, United Arab Emirates

Innovation in power generation

Carlos Gasco Travesedo.jpg

Carlos Gasco Travesedo

Energy Policy Executive Director

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, United Arab Emirates

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 3.png

Session 3 : Advancements in power and water project management


Antonio Valentin Diaz,  Head of Projects Delivery Middle East ,  EDF Renewables

Milton Dasgupta,  Business Development Manager,  Wärtsilä Energy

Towards a sustainable project procurement management system - an innovative blending of classical project management and supply chain technology


Liudmila Prozorova


Apex International Consultancy, United Arab Emirates

3D site screening for geotechnical engineering with passive seismic

Karim Khalaf.jpg

Karim Khalaf

Service Line Manager

Fugro, United Arab Emirates

Optimising your capital plan to maximise value, considering financial and non-financial drivers


Julian Lambert

Senior Director

Copperleaf, United Arab Emirates

Avoiding and overcoming megaproject delays

Mohamed Elhout.png

Mohamed Elhout

Project Controls Specialist

Sets International, Saudi Arabia

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 4.png

Session 4 : Best practices in solar power generation


Mohamed Saady Dweik,  Head of Technical Services and Product Management - MENA,  Jinko Solar

Lina Hijazi,  VP - Engineering and Technical Support, AMEA,  ENGIE

UAE - performance review of the 935 MW PV solar power plant

Ahmed Abouelseoud.png

Ahmed Abouelseoud Moustafa Taha

Power Network Performance Specialist

Emirates Water & Electricity Company (EWEC), United Arab Emirates

The optical behaviour of new pyrazole containing polymers introduced for organic solar cell applications

Hanan Elnagdy.png

Hanan Mohamed Fathy Mohamed Mohamed Elnagdy 

Senior Research Chemist

Ministry of Manpower, Egypt

Integrating DER (PV solar and storage) into your grid

Syed Hasan.jpg (2)

Syed Hasan

Vice President

Survalent Technology Corporation, Canada

Demonstration of concentrated solar power coupled with advanced desalination system in the Gulf region

Miguel Herrador Moreno.jpeg

Miguel Herrador Moreno

Sales Manager

Aalborg CSP A/S, Spain

15:30 - 17:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 5.png

Session 5 : Decarbonisation and environmental sustainability in the power and water industry


Mohamad Tamer Chaklab ,  Operational Assurance Specialist,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

John Rafferty,  Oman Country Manager,  ESB International

A city-wide wastewater reuse strategy: strong steps towards zero liquid discharge into the Red Sea

Payam Malek.png

Payam Malek

Principal Process Engineer

Wood, United Kingdom

Wind power business cases - decarbonising the energy sector

Stephan Sharma.png

Stephan Sharma


Energie Burgenland, Austria

Cutting the CO2 emissions from thermal power generation and industries

Mounir MECHERI.jpg

Mounir Mecheri

Project Manager Engineer

EDF, France

Reduction in NOx emissions from gas turbine units by water injection technology as a result of Marafiq’s sustainable strategy


Majdi Hakem Al-Harbi 

Power Generation Superintendent 

Marafiq Power & Water Utility Company, Saudi Arabia

15:30 - 17:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 6.png

Session 6 : Smart grid developments for smart cities


Bruce Stedall ,  Director of Asset Management,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

Liudmila Prozorova,  CEO,  Apex International Consultancy

Smart process nodes enabling flow and decentralised process control

Kavreet Bhangu.jpg

Kavreet Bhangu

Managing Director

FOCUS-ON VoF, Netherlands

Hierarchical large-scale distribution grid simulation using smart meter data

Ismail Shoukry.jpg

Ismail Shoukry

Software Product Manager

Adaptricity AG, Switzerland

Microgrids: innovative operation strategy in off-grid and grid-tied configuration

Victoria Tan.png

Victoria Tan

Innovation Project Manager for the International Department

Enedis, France

10:00 - 11:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 7.png

SESSION 7 : Supporting energy transition through district cooling


Raghavendra Bhat,  Sales and Product Manager,  LAPP Cables Middle East FZE

Atef Mohamed Awadh AlBreiki ,  Senior Vice President - O&M Support,  Tabreed

How to cool a city while minimising its environmental impact? The Nemo solution by ENGIE/Tabreed

Igor R New.jpg

Igor Rocca

Head of Nemo Platform

ENGIE, France

Using site-based utilities' infrastructure for the recovery of waste heat from industrial processes to reduce carbon emissions


Philippe Reid

Head of Energy Transition

RED Engineering, United Kingdom

Phase change for the energy transition: high-density district cooling networks

Tobias Koch.jpg

Tobias Koch


Dune Energy, Switzerland

District cooling industry revolution: water as a refrigerant for compression chillers

Bertrand GUILLEMOT.jpg

Bertrand Guillemot

Innovation Programmes Director

Dalkia EDF Group, France

10:00 - 11:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 8.png

SESSION 8 : Smart meter case studies


Ahmed Abdel Magied,  Business Development Manager – Middle East ,  EDF Middle East Distribution

John Rafferty,  Oman Country Manager,  ESB International

Smart meter supercharging customer empowerment and advocacy

Chris Ambler.jpg

Chris Ambler


Jersey Electricity, Jersey

Smart water meters solve maintenance and sustainability problems for low income consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rob Hygate.jpg

Rob Hygate

CTO and Co-Founder

eWATER services Ltd, United Kingdom

Meters Data Management System (MDMS) - a seamless central system to wirelessly power smart metering


Ameya Hate

Sales Director

ista Middle East FZE, United Arab Emirates

Smart IoT based water distribution monitoring using ultrasonic LoRaWAN based sensing system for sustainable and accountable water utilisation

Shriram S.jpg (2)

Shriram S

Sales Head

WEGoT Utility Solutions, India

11:30 - 13:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 9.png

SESSION 9 : Wastewater treatment and recycling best practises


Abdullah Saber,  Application Marketing Manager, Infrastructure, MEAE,  Borouge

The road map for efficient and sustainable water recycling in the Kingdom of Bahrain - development of comprehensive water reuse guidelines and procedures


Korkud Egrican

Project Manager

Stantec, Bahrain

MABR packaged solutions for decentralised wastewater treatment

Alon Tish.jpg

Alon Tish

VP Sales

Fluence Corporation, Israel

Automated Chemostat Treatment (ACT) robust bioreactors

Devendra Fonia.jpg

Devendra Fonia

Chief Marketing Officer

Bio Petro Clean, Israel

Reuse of 190 MLD of municipal sewage treated water by thermal power plants – India’s largest reuse project through a PPP model

Arun Lakhani.jpg

Arun Lakhani

Chairman and Managing Director

Vishvaraj Environment Pvt. Ltd., India

11:30 - 13:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 10.png

SESSION 10 : Digital transformation journey for utilities


Slawomir Klimowicz,  Industry Lead, Industry Value Advisor, Energy and Natural Resources, EMEA South,  SAP

Digital transformation in utilities – the challenges and the solution

Shaul Rom 1.jpg

Shaul Rom


Reali Technologies, Israel

Reliable network operation using smart metering and secure cloud infrastructure

Jan Strohmeier.png

Jan Strohmeier

Digitalisation Manager

Endress+Hauser, United Arab Emirates

Practical use of cybersecurity maturity models in critical infrastructure

Jean Marc Levesque.png

Jean Marc Levesque

Engagement Manager

NEOS Group EMEA, United Arab Emirates

PC based control: the proven driving force for the digital transformation of utilities

Berley Rajan.PNG

Berley Rajan

Technical Sales Manager

Beckhoff Automation FZE, United Arab Emirates

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 11.png

SESSION 11 : Water conservation and management


Nada Abubakr,  Managing Director,  Isle Utilities Middle East

Suleyman Deveci,  Principal Scientist,  Borouge

Water resource management and irrigation system - Kaleswaram lift irrigation project by Vassar Labs IT Solutions

Phanidhar PNG.png

Phanidhar Kumar

Vice President Sales

Vassar Labs, India

PE100RC for demanding and marine applications


Sultan Khaled Alkendi

Application Marketing Manager

Borouge Pte. Ltd., United Arab Emirates

Purification and use of produced water originating from oil and gas operations


Feras Al Salem

Vice President

Kuwait Business Council in Dubai, Kuwait

A decision support tool to minimise energy consumption in water networks

Abdulla Mohammed.png

Abdulla Mohammed

Senior Asset Integrity Engineer

Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 12.png

SESSION 12 : Improving automation, optimisation and efficiency through digital solutions


Hafez AlSayed,  Managing Director GCC,  BECKHOFF Automation

Mohamad Tamer Chaklab ,  Operational Assurance Specialist,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

Using digital solutions to improve economic resilience, diversity and efficiency


Andrew Burnham

Vice President, Water Management

Stantec, United States

Digitalisation of thermal and solar power generation for assets performance management optimisation


Salah Morsili

Digital/AI Engineering Analitics Director

EDF, France

Process automation and optimisation for overhead line and underground cable design and routing


Stefano Grassi


Gilytics, Switzerland

Value driven grid data management

Gary Lawrence - Bio - Pic - 2021.jpg

Gary Lawrence

Power & Grid Segment President

Schneider Electric, United Arab Emirates

15:30 - 17:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 13.png

SESSION 13 : Water desalination technology advancements


Latifa Lahsine,  VP - Engineering and Technical Support Group, AMEA,  ENGIE

Serhan Ozten,  Business Development and Technical Support Director,  Danfoss

Natural desalination: reducing costs and increasing water security


Basma Eissa


Triumph Consultancy, United Arab Emirates

Integrity of polyethylene pipes and fusion joints for pressurised water and gas distribution lines – a destructive and non-destructive evaluation


Suleyman Deveci

Principal Scientist

Borouge Pte. Ltd., United Arab Emirates

Aqua-life – unique desalination systems

Leszek Sawicki photo.jpg

Leszek Sawicki

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Aqua-Life Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K., Poland

Finding an optimum recovery and flux leading to a minimum specific power consumption in SWRO

Jong Myong Hong.jpg

Jong Myong Hong

Vice President Engineering

ENGIE, United Arab Emirates

15:30 - 17:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 14.png

SESSION 14 : Leveraging data to enhance performance


Ramakrishna Subramanian,  Asset Management Advisor,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

Zainab Alquwaitaei,  ICT Director,  Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Monitoring and analysis of MV/LV transformers and active system management enabling a low carbon future in Ireland

Jack Herring.jpg

Jack Herring


ESB International, Ireland

A digitalised workflow for integrated energy planning of local areas using accelerated optimisation and linked data

Matthias Sulzer.jpg

Matthias Sulzer

President of the Board of Directors

Urban Sympheny AG

IIoT enables digital twins in power and water utilities


Floyd Baker

Vice President North America

Antea, United States

Minimum requirements for a digital twin in power transmission environment and a practical approach for its realisation


Vinay Sardana

Senior Power System Engineer

Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO), United Arab Emirates

10:00 - 11:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 15.png

SESSION 15 : Best safety and security practices


Esam Al Murawwi,  Director of Power Projects,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

Antoine Augustin,  Head of HSE, AMEA,  ENGIE

The basis for exceptional 5+ years Lost Time Accident free at ENGIE Al Ezzel thermal power plant, Bahrain

Hasan Alkhayat.jpg (1)

Hassan Al Khayat

HSE Manager

ENGIE, Bahrain

Challenges of operating energy systems at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic in Abu Dhabi city: analysis and lessons learned

Ahmed Abouelseoud.png

Ahmed Abouelseoud Moustafa Taha

Power Network Performance Specialist

Emirates Water & Electricity Company (EWEC), United Arab Emirates

Health, safety and security in the power and water industry: how the right learning platform solution can ensure compliance

Tolo Vinent.jpg

Tolo Vinent

Head of Learning and Engagement Solutions, EMEA South

SAP, Spain

SmartHSE: innovative approaches to reinforce workplace HSE culture

Sabooh Asghar 2.png

Sabooh Asghar

VP Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Tabreed, United Arab Emirates

10:00 - 11:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 16.png

SESSION 16 : Gas power generation technologies for the low-carbon world


Khalid Oumejjoud ,  Managing Director,  PSM Thomassen Gulf

Amine El Kinani,  Sales Director MENA,  Thomassen Energy

Key design characteristics of the ultimate gas balancers in high-renewable powers systems

Patrik Farkas.JPG

Patrik Farkas

Market Development Manager, Middle East

Wartsila, United Arab Emirates

Decarbonising with hydrogen and futureproofing gas power plants

Grigorios Iatropoulos.jpg

Grigorios Iatropoulos

Regional Business Development Manager, MEA Region

MAN Energy Solutions, United Arab of Emirates

Operation of hydrogen fuel blends in a large combined-cycle gas turbine: last ten years of field experience


Marco Cioffi

Service Marketing Manager

Ansaldo Energia, Italy

Industrial power generation solutions for a green future through cutting edge technology

Simone Machetti.jpeg

Simone Marchetti

Industrial Segment and Growth Senior Manager

Baker Hughes, Italy

11:30 - 13:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 17.png

SESSION 17 : Improving utilisation of resources and water loss prevention strategies


Rui de Sousa,  Principal Industry Advisor – Energy & Natural Resources, MENA South,  SAP

Ramakrishna Subramanian,  Asset Management Advisor,  Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO)

Comparative assessment of methods to minimise non-revenue water losses in water distribution networks

Maraheb AlAli.png

Maraheb Saqer AlAli

Graduate Researcher

Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

International leakage management benchmarking – a comparison of utility performance, investment and best practices

Nada Abubakr.jpg

Nada Abubakr

Managing Director

Isle Utilities Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Adapting existing thermal desalination plants to produce hydrogen

J. Malloy.JPG

James Malloy

Managing Director

Tetra Engineering Europe, France

Lowering energy costs for pumping water for a national water provider through an optimisation solver

Nikolaos Mavridis.png

Nikolaos Mavridis

Principal Data Scientist

SAP, United Arab Emirates

11:30 - 13:00 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 18.png

SESSION 18 : Empowering energy transition through hydrogen


Davide Felugo,  UAE Branch Manager,  Ansaldo Energia

Boris Smondack,  Head of Engineering and Technical Support, AMEA,  ENGIE

A detailed review of hydrogen blending and repurposing of natural gas infrastructure

James Holbeach.jpg

James Holbeach

Global Director Energy and Flow Assurance

Wood, Australia

ERM Dolphyn: a case study of hydrogen as a route to market for wind

Widya Wahyuni.jpg (1)

Widya Wahyuni

Senior Consultant

ERM, United Kingdom

Green hydrogen – an opportunity today in the Middle Eastern region to decarbonise gas turbine power plants and offer grid scale energy storage for renewables

Ian_Summerside-7194-5x7 (2).JPG

Ian Summerside

Global Product Manager - Digital

PSM Thomassen Gulf, United States

Decarbonising power assets with green hydrogen: peak load turbines and microgrids


Camila Torres Moncayo


EDF, France

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 8
Session 19.png

SESSION 19 : Advancements in asset integrity and maintenance strategies

Improving asset integrity and saving maintenance cost

Nilesh Adkar_Photo.jpg

Nilesh Adkar

Application Engineering Manager – India, Middle East and Africa

Henkel, Turkey

Standby switching stations/power plants dynamic ranking based on multi-criteria decision-making

Zahi Mohamed Osman.jpg

Zahi Mohamed Osman Mohamed

OSG Technician

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC), United Arab Emirates

Optimal partial discharge strategy and technology for high voltage underground cables

Sultan Al Katiri.jpg

Sultan Fadhil Al Katiri

Senior Cables Engineer

Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (TRANSCO), United Arab Emirates

Introduction to Integrated Asset Performance Management(I-APM) - connecting the digital transformation and asset management

Stephen Reeve.jpg

Stephen Reeve

General Manager - Asset Performance Management 

Bently Nevada, United Kingdom

14:00 - 15:30 , CAPITAL SUITE 9
Session 20.png

SESSION 20 : Energy storage technology and applications


Christina Avdou,  Microgrid Automation and Battery Energy Storage Solutions - MEA ,  Hitachi Energy

Giriraj Rathore,  Senior Business Development Manager,  Wärtsilä Energy

Challenges of the net zero electricity transition

Mark Howitt.png

Mark Howitt

CTO and Co-Founder

Storelectric Ltd, United Kingdom

A novel hybrid fluidised bed thermal energy storage for power regulation services and industrial decarbonisation

Massimiliano Masi.jpg

Massimiliano Masi

General Manager

Magaldi Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Monetising energy stored in data centres – demand side response opportunities. A quantitative analysis of the UK’s national grid


Faidon Christodoulou

Principal R&D Engineer

RED Engineering, United Kingdom

  • Monday 09 May 2022 Day - 1
  • Tuesday 10 May 2022 Day - 2
  • Wednesday 11 May 2022 Day - 3