India Smart Grid Forum
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India Smart Grid Forum

The India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) is a Think-Tank of global repute on Smart Energy, Electric Mobility and Smart Cities. ISGF, established as a Public Private Partnership initiative of Government of India in 2011, is spearheading the mission to accelerate electric grid modernization and energy transition in India. ISGF is registered as a Not for Profit Society under Indian Societies Act and have its registered office at New Delhi.

ISGF has over 170 members comprising of ministries, government institutions, utilities, technology providers, academia and research. Representatives from ISGF member organisations work closely as part of the 8 working groups of ISGF focused on different aspects.

Since inception, ISGF has been driving the programs for digitalization of utilities and is actively involved in training and capacity building and various advisory and research activities in the areas of renewable energy, smart grids, energy storage, electric vehicles, smart cities; and latest technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics. ISGF has provided advisory services including capacity building and training programs to several  utilities and regulatory bodies in India and overseas.

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