World Nuclear Transport Institute
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World Nuclear Transport Institute

Founded in 1998, by Nuclear Transport Solutions of the United Kingdom, Orano of France and the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC) of Japan, the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI), a Non-Governmental Organisation, was created to represent the collective interests of the nuclear and radioactive materials transport industry and those who rely on the safe, secure, efficient, sustainable and reliable transport.

WNTI prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive membership network, that believes industry collaboration is essential for progress. With over 25 years of experience, WNTI has grown to be an organisation with 40 plus international member companies all involved in activities across the nuclear fuel cycle and supply chain - providing them with a platform and the resources needed to help make a difference.  

Operating successfully as a membership network organisation, WNTI has a small team of qualified professionals working closely with its members and international bodies.

As an institute, we are passionate about resolving technical challenges, lobbying policymakers, giving a voice to our members and promoting debate within the industry.

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