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Isle is an independent technology and innovation consultancy focused on the water sector founded in 2010 with an aim to accelerate innovation. With a highly-skilled team of over 90 engineers and scientists, we have gained extensive experience in assessing markets and business plans, as well as technical capabilities, through our work that spans the water sector value chain. Our staff work across our global offices and have language capabilities including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Polish and Mandarin. We offer a unique synergy between business and technology consulting; our staff capabilities span visioning and strategy development through to implementation of business structure, operating model, processes, systems, technology and innovation.

We do this by supporting end-users in identifying emerging innovative technologies, undertaking technical due diligence, implementing innovation strategies and delivering innovation events. Isle catalyses innovation by facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration, accelerating learning through collective experience and facilitating the evaluation of the best available innovative approaches on technical and commercial aspects. Isle's unique approach makes us a trusted independent third-party resource.

Isle has an unparalleled track record of establishing, managing and growing technology innovation platforms which include our longest-running initiative, the Technology Approval Group (TAG). TAG was first launched in the UK in 2005 and has since gone from strength to strength, now comprising over 200 members globally with a retention rate of 92%. TAG presents a truly unique model, working independently with water utilities to understand their needs and challenges and in turn identifying and mapping the most novel technologies and solutions that can deliver into any local market.

As well as operating TAG, Isle provides consultancy services from research studies to due diligence (technical and market) to feasibility and evaluation studies, placing itself in a unique position within the market. We have worked with hundreds of global industries to identify thousands of solutions addressing their business challenges. Our team brings together technical, regulatory and commercial capabilities to provide in-depth insight into the factors that affect the water sector and its supply chain.

In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Isle launched the Water Action Platform, a forum for the sharing of learning and best practice across the water sector. Membership rapidly grew and, as of December 2021, it involves 1700+ members from over1200 organisations across 102 countries. To get involved, or join the monthly Water Action Platform webinars, please visit 

Most recently, Isle has launched the Trial Reservoir, a ground-breaking project to help water utilities better serve their customers and protect the environment by fast-tracking innovation at no cost. By providing technology companies with access to funding specifically for trials, the Trial Reservoir enables water utilities to adopt technology with minimal financial risk, increasing the pace of change and helping utilities achieve Carbon Net-Zero. To find out more please visit: