Muthana Shirzad
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Muthana Shirzad


Muthana Shirzad

Founder & CEO

Protium Technologies

Muthana Shirzad the Founder & CEO of Protium Technologies, a startup company focusing on sustainable green energy for the future, Protium Technologies is very active in the R&D domain, currently developing the World's first (net-zero emission) BioHydrogen powertrain concept for aviation and transportation. The company is also developing a sustainable water distillation system in the UAE through renewable energies and green hydrogen to solve the RO reject wastewater challenges for the middle east region.

Protium Technologies aims to be a major player in the hydrogen economy by becoming a one-stop-shop for hydrogen related products, Protium Technologies is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor for Nitto’s Hydrogen and Ammonia detection tapes for UK and the Middle East region, bringing NASA’s developed technology to the world.