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Webpage Thumbnail Digitalisationtheatre

Technology and climate are interlinked. From reducing scope 3 emissions to achieving resource efficiency, technology will play a crucial role in accelerating action to achieve net-zero emissions.


The CleanTech theatre will showcase the latest in projects, innovation, and research and development in clean technology solutions that will help deliver clean value and supply chains across the power, water, and district cooling utilities.


Webpage Thumbnail Powergentheatre


The world is undergoing a fundamental transition in the way energy is generated, transmitted, distributed, and used. Increased demand for electricity coupled with transition towards sustainability, low-carbon fuels, lower emissions, and changing customer behaviours is redefining the power landscape.


The Power Gen theatre will serve as a platform for power producers, distributors, and the power utilities supply and value chain to present the solutions and technologies needed
to modernise the power sector.


Webpage Thumbnail Hydrogentheatre


Hydrogen and its derivatives play a pivotal role in the energy transition as well as in helping countries achieve energy security. The Hydrogen theatre will showcase the latest technological
breakthroughs, projects and innovations needed to scale the hydrogen economies of the future.


From progress in low-carbon hydrogen production, to evolution of storage technologies, expansion of hydrogen infrastructure, its integration with renewable energy, hydrogen certification and trade, and policies needed to accelerate adoption of hydrogen across the value chain.